Welcome to the Global Initiative to Fix Healthcare Delivery!


This initiative came about to provide an impetus for change in working toward ending the Unnecessary Loss of Lives Caused by Preventable Medical Errors.

As medical errors continue to grow, preventable medical errors continue to cause hundreds of thousands of patients to die annually and over 1 million patients to suffer life-changing injuries. To prevent hundreds of patients from dying from preventable errors each year in the U.S. and around the world, we are setting out to find ways to change this intractable problem. Likewise, we strongly believe that a deep understanding of the problems can enable you to become a part of sustainable solutions.


We Can All Help Prevent Medical Errors!

Understanding Systems



Applying Manufacturing Principles to Improve Healthcare

Healthcare Requires Teamwork

Understanding and Preventing Human ErrorĀ 

We All Can Lead: Becoming an Adaptive Leader

Organizing People can Drive Change in Healthcare Delivery

Overcoming our Own Immunity to Change | Successful Patient Care Initiatives